Sun dried tomatoes wholesale

If you are involved in the production, marketing or distribution of food products and you are interested in including the sun dried tomatoes in your business, you can get in touch with us, to listen to your needs and create together your own B2B Liasto collaboration package.

Our long experience in B2B collaborations with large customers in Greece and abroad is a guarantee for a successful professional relationship at all levels. We also have all the necessary export documents for Europe and the USA.

Package B2B

Glass jar: Vacuum drained: Vacuum dry:
280g* From 250g From 250g
1450g To 1500g** To 5000g**

* For organic 190g, the remaining packages are the same for organic

** The vacuum drained package is available from 250g to 1500g

*** The vacuum dry package is available from 250g to 5000g

There is a possibility of julienne cutting in vacuum packs

Comparative advantage Liasto:

  • Bright color (high lycopene)
  • Rich flavor (high °Brix index)
  • Without sulphites, preservatives or other improvers

Contact B2B

Aris Nikolaou

Elias Nikolaou